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MayronUI has been in development for over 8 years. Both our dev-team and active community are continuously growing at a rate we never thought possible.

The current release of MayronUI is the most customizable, high performance and efficient UI suite we have ever assembled.

  • Blazingly fast and lightweight for maximum performance.
  • Suitable for all classes, specs, roles and screen resolutions.
  • Highly customizable to suit all needs.
  • Modular design with support for additional plugins.

Ready for Burning Crusade Classic!

Take MayronUI into Burning Crusader Classic, with many new improvements and features! Our Discord community server has never been so busy and ready to help, so make sure to join us and ask questions if you get stuck.

Track Important Auras

  • Fully customisable combat timer bars track your buffs and debuffs applied to you or any unit of your choosing.
  • Create as many timer bar fields as you like with various filters and appearances.
  • Need to track only a few specific auras by name for a boss fight? No problem!

Customisable Chat Artwork

By default, the chat frame appears in the top left corner of the screen. However, the UI supports chat artwork for each corner of the screen in case you want to have it in the traditional bottom left corner or wish to experiment with further customisations.

  • Switch between multiple UI layoutsWith one click, you can switch the profiles of several addOns to best suit your gameplay.

  • Copy your chat's historyView all of your chat's history across all tabs in a separate window with support for copy/paste.

  • Menu shortcut buttonsBind commonly used Blizzard UI panels to a special shortcut bar for quick access.

  • Chat frame artwork for each corner!By default, the chat frame is positioned in the top left corner but you can select any corner you like.

Advanced Configuration Menu

  • MayronUI comes bundled with many modules, each with their own configuration menu containing numerous settings to tweak their appearance and behaviour to fit your play style.
  • Settings are saved to a sharable profile across all your characters, or you can choose to create multiple profiles for different characters and scenarios.
  • MayronUI achieves low memory usage by only loading enabled modules when required, and reusing recycled resources in the background to avoid memory leaks.
Advanced configuration menu

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