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A minimalistic, Graphical, World of Warcraft UI Replacement Package.



  • MayronUI Gen6 is the latest edition in the series, offering low memory usage with powerful performance.
  • Both retail and classic editions of World of Warcraft are supported.
  • Supports all screen resolution formats.
  • Suitable for all classes, roles, specs and game-play styles.
  • Supports the following languages translations: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.
  • Individual addons included in this UI pack are available on either curseforge or WoWInterface, including the MUI core addons (MUI_Core, MUI_Config, MUI_Setup).

How to install

  1. Nagivate to your World of Warcraft > _retail_/_classic_ folder.
Make sure you have downloaded the correct UI pack version for the corresponding WoW client (retail or classic) and have placed it in the correct folder as mentioned above.
  1. (Optional) Make a copy of your current interface and WTF folders. You can restore your current UI by switching back to using them if you ever want to remove MayronUI. Keep these backup copies somewhere else on your computer in a safe place.
  2. Download and extract the UI Pack and move all addOn folders from the pack into your World of Warcraft > _retail_/_classic_ > interface > addons folder.
  3. Log in to World of Warcraft but do not enter the world just yet. First, verify that all addons are enabled by clicking on the AddOns menu button in the bottom left corner of the character selection screen and clicking the Enable All button. Lastly, make sure the Load out of date AddOns checkbox is checked to ensure a safe install, as shown below:

Install Steps

  1. Enter the world with any character you wish and press the INSTALL (or CUSTOM INSTALL) tab on the setup menu and then press the final install button.
  2. Make sure to keep each addon included in this UI pack up to date using a program such as WowUp or the new CurseForge client (which replaced the Mods feature on the Twitch app).

Slash commands

  • /mui List all MayronUI slash commands (including install, config and profile commands)
  • /rl Reloads the UI
  • /tiptac Show TipTac (Tooltips) AddOn settings
  • /ltp Leatrix Plus settings (I recommend looking through them!)
  • /suf Settings for the Unit Frames (Shadowed Unit Frames)
  • /bt Bartender Settings (Action Bars)

AddOn list

This download provides the entire MayronUI pack, which consists of three core MUI addons and several third-party addons, as listed below. You can remove any addon you wish except MUI_Core. Still, I strongly recommend keeping and using Bartender and Shadowed Unit Frames for the best experience.

Please keep each of these addons up to date using an addon updater app such as WowUp or the new CurseForge client (which replaced the Mods feature on the Twitch app).

  • Bartender4: Action bars addon.
  • Bagnon: Bag/inventory addon.
  • Masque: Stylizes button icons, such as the action bar buttons.
  • MUI_Core: Required to run MayronUI modules.
  • MUI_Setup: Required to install MayronUI and inject addoon settings.
  • MUI_Config: Enables the in-game MayronUI configuration menu.
  • TipTac: Tooltip addon.
  • ShadowedUnitFrames: Unit Frames addon.
  • Leatrix_Plus: Contains very useful quality of life features (type /"ltp" to view them).

Support the project

Simply sharing this UI to your friends and spreading the word helps a lot, but you can also support the project further by:

  1. Submitting feature requests, bug reports, or even contributing towards its development over on the official GitHub repository.

  1. Getting involved by joining our active and growing Discord Community.

  1. Becoming a Patron to gain exclusive benefits:

  1. Or, if you prefer donating through PayPal, which includes the option of one-time donations:

Thank you for your support!

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