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New MayronUI Features Have Arrived in Update 6.6.14



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Every so often, MayronUI expands its list of features with a big update. With update 6.6.14 comes new chat frame features and visual changes to the configuration menu, as well as some bug fixes. In this short blog post, I will go through the significant changes and how to make the most of the latest features.

Shadowed Unit Frame Lua Error Fix

Before discussing the new, exciting chat frame features, it is worth quickly mentioning that the Shadowed Unit Frame (SUF) LibHealComm Lua error has been fixed for Burning Crusade Classic. The error would show when casting certain spells in-game, such as the Shaman chain heal.

The author of SUF has not updated the LibHealComm library to the latest version containing the fix for this error. As a result, users had to manually swap the library for the latest one each time they updated SUF, but version 6.6.14 of MayronUI includes the latest library and replaces the one used by SUF. In the future, once SUF has updated this, MayronUI can remove the library, but for now, it's a simple solution to a very frustrating problem.

Text Highlighting

A week ago, I released a very simple addon called Highlight Roles, which highlighted "Tank", "Healer", and "DPS in the chat for Burning Crusade Classic as an excellent way of identifying groups you might want to join. Another great addon that does this much better is called LFG Bulletin Board (which I recommend you check out).

Still, the idea for Highlight Roles was that you often do not want to look for a group using that tool explicitly, and you might be tempted to join a group if you read a message in any chat channel, such as your guild's chat, and not just the LFG or Trade channel.

Highlight Roles in Chat

Highlight Roles was not supposed to replace LFG Bulletin Board but to compliment it. I then expanded this idea by allowing you to highlight any text and even play a sound when the text appears in the chat window. I haven't added this functionality to Highlight Roles yet, but instead added it to MayronUI with lots of configuration options.

If you are using MayronUI then you do not need to install Highlight Roles, because it includes everything Highlight Roles has and now much more!

Text Highlighting Config Menu

For each color and sound combination, you can have a list of text to search for. The largest text found will be the one highlighted, so if you add "Heal" and "Healer", the full "Healer" word will be highlighted. Because this feature is no longer just for roles, you can add anything you like, such as your character's name, so you always know when someone is talking about you (this a default setting for MayronUI).

Custom Chat Channel Aliases

Many chat addons have had this for a long time, but I never got around to adding it until 6.6.14. This is possibly due to the fact that I have been spoilt with the LFG and LFR tools in retail, and so I tend to ignore my chat frame. But with classic, things have become far more social again, and I am finding myself using my chat a lot more.

As such, I have now added the ability to have custom chat channel aliases as a solution for shorting that incredibly lengthy [4. LookingForGroup] prefix. By default, all chat channel prefixes will use custom aliases where each original prefix is replaced by just the upper-case letters. For example, [4. LookingForGroup] is now simply LFG without the square braces. That's a 17 character reduction in length! Much nicer, in my opinion.

Channel Name Alias Options

The feature also lets you apply a brightness value to the alias to make it appear darker than the rest of the text, so you can focus on the essential parts and ignore the background noise.

Below is the complete changelog for those interested in the more minor changes that I have not already mentioned. Thank you for reading, and be sure to join us on discord if you haven't already!

Full Change Log

  • Fixed Shadowed Unit Frame LibHealComm Lua error.
  • Added Chat text highlighting feature with customisation in the MUI config menu (see Chat Frame > Text Highlighting)
  • Added custom chat aliases feature with customisation in the MUI config menu (see Chat Frame > Custom Aliases)
  • Added options to change X-Offset and Y-Offset of main container frame in the MUI config menu (see General submenu).
  • Fixed a Layout Tool bug when switching between layouts and changing profile options.
  • Fixed config menu bugs.
  • Reskinned checkboxes and sliders in the config menu.
  • Fixed chat channel bug when first logging in.

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